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Free, blazingly fast & instant messaging (note .im in URL) app for group discussions.

Topics like Climate change, Work visa, Gardening, Parenting, Green Card, ReactJS, Machine Learning, Immigration, SAT Exam, Algebra, Painting, Photography and many more.

If you don't find your topic, create your own and build community around it. Its free for all !


No limit on number of members

Technically there is no limit on number of members who can be participants in a topic. Any number of participants can be a part of any number of topics, so just feel free to engage in any number of topics.

Subscribe without participating

Subscribe to get push notifications from topics of your interest, even if you don't participate in those topics. Remain informed of what people are discussing.

Discuss with world

Topics are open realtime forums, so they are not limited to your friend's or contact list as in case of WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Anyone in the world can read and contribute to the topics, just like Forums.

Experience of native app

Blazingly fast as native app. Discussion.im is the PWA (Progressive Web App). It will give you an option to install once you access it in your mobile browser. Once installed, it will work like mobile app, not as mobile web.

Realtime communication

Don't wait for email notifications to have an update about your thread. If you are active in app, you will get the messages in realtime. If you are not active, but subscribed to a topic, you will get realtime push notification messages.

Quick access through social logins

Login using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github or your user credentials. If you are just a silent reader and wants to know what people are discussing, you dont even need to login. Topics are open for public to read.

Get Started

Explore Topics

You can either search the topics that may be of your interest or you may browse the topics and subscribe them to get push notofication for updates on that topic and relted threads. In case you do not find topic of your interest, feel free to create a new topic.

Add topic to your list

Star the topics of your interest to add them to your list. Anytime access the list of your topics from navigation menu. You can unstar to remove the topic from your list.

Get notified in realtime

Whenever you post to a topic or related thread, you will get notified in case someone responds to you. Even without posting, you can subscribe / unsubscribe to a topic and thread by clicking to bell icon.

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